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School Council

Our School Council comprises of four representatives from each KS2 year group with some Year 2 representatives joining during the Summer Term.  The School Council is led by our Lead Ambassadors.

“Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.”

Philippians 2:4

2021 - 2022 updates

Autumn 2021

Autumn 2021 saw the return of lots of School Council events.  We were able to receive donations for our ‘Pre-loved School Uniform Shop’ (watch this space!) 

We were able to sell poppies again for The Royal British Legion. 

We also saw the return of our Christmas Cafes at our Nativity and Christmas concert performances, raising much needed money for Bradford Foodbank.  Bradford Foodbank were also the beneficiaries of our Christmas card campaign where families again had the opportunity to buy cards designed by the children.

Our Christmas Jumper day was another great success with money donated to Save the Children.

Just before Christmas our School Councillors were also provided the opportunity to visit the site of the Trees for Cities in Bierley and take part in a tree planting session.  This was a great event in our locality and the children had a fabulous time planting and learning about different trees.

2020 - 2021 updates

Spring 2021

2021 was again impacted by another lockdown and School Council was not able to function in the normal manner.

We did however take part in the Yorkshire Air Ambulance Duck Race and donated items of clothing brought it by pupils and their families.

We also produced our first ‘Comic Relief Joke Book’ with contributions from children and staff, which we were able to sell to raise funds for Comic Relief.

Autumn 2020

Upon the returning to school and the ‘New Normal’, School Councillors were tasked with canvassing their peers to gauge how they had found their return to school following such a difficult year.  The response was overwhelmingly positive with our learners being happy to be back in school.

In November, we held a ‘non-uniform day’ to raise funds for Children in Need.

We collected food donations in lieu of donations of money in December for our Christmas Jumper day.  The food was gratefully received by our local Foodbank.

Also in December, our School Council arranged a whole school Christmas card project.  Every child in school from Nursery through to Year 6 designed their own Christmas card and families had opportunity to buy the cards with the money raised being donated to The Royal British Legion in lieu of us having not being able to sell poppies for Armistice Day.

2019 - 2020 updates

Summer 2020

Lockdown impacted hugely on the good work that our School Council would usually undertake during the ‘Summer Term’ and as such the School Councillors were asked to continue in their roles in the following academic year.

Spring 2020

On the day that we went into lockdown, we held our whole school Easter raffle which was in aid of ‘The Ronald McDonald House Charity’. This was on a much smaller scale than we had previously done, as were not due to hold the draw until later in the half term.

2019 - 2020 Spring Term update

Following the success of our KS1 Eco-Warriors, our School Councillors were committed to finding a solution to our KS2 ‘Plastic Pollution’ problem.  We had already moved away from using Tetra Pak milk cartons, but found that the amount of single use plastic milk cartons was not much of an improvement.  Our School Councillors gained the support of our office staff, who negotiated with our milk supplier and also our kitchen staff who agreed to take on EVEN MORE washing up and we now have 4 pint milk cartons that children decant into Reusable cups to drink with their midday meal.

Our School Council have been tasked with the challenge of raising funds for Bradford Nightstop.  Bradford Nightstop is a local charity that supports vulnerable and homeless young people in our district (aged 16 to 24).  This is one of our Lord Mayor’s nominated charities for 2019.  In the coming weeks, we will hold a series of events to support this very worthwhile cause.

Bag 2 School - children from Nursery to Year 6  will be provided with a bag to try and fill with old clothes/shoes etc. – a comprehensive list of acceptable items will be sent with the bag.  The items will be shipped across the world to be used in areas of poverty and we will receive 40p per kilogramme of your donations to donate to the charity Bradford Nightstop.

Year 3 Sleep Out - Year 3 children will be invited to have a sleep over in school May.  The funds raised from this event will be split equally between Bradford Nightstop and Hope Africa.

During the next half term, we are also looking to provide a School Uniform Shop that will be stocked with pre-loved uniform at a reduced cost.  This will be staffed by our dedicated School Councillors.  Watch this space.

2019 - 2020 Autumn Term update

This year so far, we have raised money for Cancer Research, the Bradford Foodbank, Save the Children and Comic Relief through our Christmas Cafes, the National Christmas Jumper Day and a non-uniform Day.

We have also taken part in a Friends of the Earth ‘Clean Air’ experiment to gauge how polluted our locality is.  Two of our School Councillors tested an area close to our Nursery gates and also where our school drive meets Dawson Lane.  After two weeks, they sent test tubes, which had captured the pollution, off to Friends of the Earth’s laboratory to be analysed.  The results were quite pleasing.  The legal limit for air pollution is 40 micrograms per cubic metre.  The test nearest to school showed results of 19.9 micrograms per cubic metre and the roadside test was 25.9 micrograms per cubic metre.  Well done to our School Councillors for their time and dedication to our community.

Earlier this year, School Council received a letter from a very concerned member of Elm Class (Year 1), Luca.  Luca was extremely worried about our use of glitter in school and the impact that the micro plastics used in glitter has on the environment and in particular marine life.  Our School Council researched further and with Mr Knight’s agreement, we are to be a glitter free school.  Any glitter that we use in the future will be bio-degradable so as to minimise the impact on the environment.  WELL DONE LUCA!