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To register your interest for a place at our school please telephone the school office to make an appointment to come and register.

Admission Arrangements - Nursery

In order to make admissions to our Nursery and School as fair as possible for all parents who wish their children to attend St John’s, we exercise the following procedure:

There are separate application procedures for Nursery places and full time school places, although they both share the same admissions criteria. Where the number of children requesting a place exceeds the number of places available in School or Nursery, the admissions criteria is strictly adhered to.

Nursery application forms are sent to families who have registered an interest in a place at St John’s early in the spring term of the academic year in which the child is three. If you apply for a place in Nursery, you are informed in writing whether or not you have been offered a place before the end of the spring term.

Parents should note that admission to St John’s Nursery does not guarantee admission to St. John’s CE Primary School.  We do however positively encourage good attendance at our Nursery as an ideal way to prepare your child for entry to full time Primary education at our school.

Admission arrangements - Reception

Applications for Reception places are co-ordinated according to the Local Authority timetable; Bradford Council prefers parents to apply for reception places online if possible; information on how to apply is available in the autumn term of the year preceding the start date. Decisions on which children are to be offered a place will be made by the Governors’ Admissions Committee and offers of places will be made by the Council on their behalf in the Spring Term. Unsuccessful applicants have the right of appeal.

Applications for places are treated fairly and follow our admissions policy. This ensures that all children are treated fairly and without discrimination.

Admission to our Primary School does not guarantee admission to any particular Secondary School

Our School's Admissions Policy can be found on the BDAT website by clicking here.

The maps which supplement the Admission's Policy can be viewed below.

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Parents wishing their application to be considered for a place under criteria 3 – Children of parents seeking a Christian-based education – who have an established family commitment to a Christian church need to complete the following Supplementary Information Form and return it to school before the Admissions deadline.

Right of Appeal

Parents who make an unsuccessful application for admission to St. John’s will be informed of their statutory right of appeal. The Appeal Procedure will follow the School Admission Appeals Code, which can be found on the Department for Education website. Appeals should be made by completing the School Admissions Appeal form; this is available from the school office or from Bradford Metropolitan Council website and should be returned to the Admissions Team, Department of Children’s Services, Margaret McMillan Tower, Princes Way, Bradford, BD1 1NN.

Available School Places in Years 1 - 6 

We hold a waiting list and manage our own admissions and in-year transfers. If you would like any more information, please telephone school and ask to speak to our Admissions Officer Victoria Roome.

In-year transfers

In-year applications are defined as applications at any time other than at the start of reception. All in-year applications for St John’s CE Primary School must be made directly to the school; please contact our Admissions Officer Victoria Roome on 01274 681959 who will be able to advise you on any available spaces that we have in school.

All applications will be considered and any available places will be allocated following the criteria set in our policy. If we are unable to allocate a place at the time of application we do hold a waiting list on which you can request your child’s name be placed.

If you would like any more information, please telephone school on 01274 681959.