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Geography Intent and Progression

At St. John’s, we believe Geography should inspire a lifelong curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. Our teaching aims to equip children with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to understand interactions between human and physical processes and features. As children progress through school, we build on and extend the scale of their understanding and knowledge of: the world, its people, environments, landscapes and processes. We understand that Geography is a necessary partner for other subjects, for example History and that it allows us to understand past people and events in a deeper, more meaningful way.  In a changing world, we see an interest in Geography, Geographical knowledge and skills as essential for now and the future.

Making a difference is key to our Geography learning at St. John’s. Our children are exposed to interesting, diverse and relevant topics whilst being equipped with the skills needed to explore and understand these fully. Throughout school, we learn about Bradford and encourage our children to deepen their understanding and appreciation of their home and how it relates to the wider world. As children go through school, their exposure to the world is broadened, learning about countries and regions further afield.

We understand the need to engage our learners with topics that they can relate to. Our curriculum recognises the importance of broadening our children’s horizons and knowledge of the world by introducing and exposing them to new people, regions and geographical processes.

We consider carefully how Geography at St. John’s can promote children’s understanding of global issues such as the importance of preserving environments (e.g. Rainforests) and protecting our changing world. Our curriculum inspires opportunities for our learners to holistically become courageous advocates.

Christian Values, Cultural Capital and Pupil Premium enhancements

Our Geography curriculum encourages opportunities to develop oracy through discussion, often centred around photographs. These opportunities, which are accessible to learners at all levels, encourage children to discuss, share and ask questions about Geography, promoting curiosity and deepening learning.  We feel that Geography provides the perfect opportunity for children to develop their spirituality, exploring the sense that there is someone or something more than ’just me’; a sense of something indescribable.

Children benefit from visits to places and landscapes that further inspire their fascination of the world. Use of ICT, for example Google Earth and Google Expeditions, allows access to global destinations and allows children to see physical processes in action.


The specific skills and knowledge taught in Geography are detailed in our Skill Progression and Knowledge Progression documents.  If you wish to see these, please ask your child's class teacher.