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Physical Education

We value the importance of Physical Education at St John’s.

To ensure our lessons are effective and provide the right amount of challenge, all of our lessons in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two are led by a qualified sports coach or a class teacher.

Our Early Years children have the opportunity to be physically active all day, every day. We have a fantastic outdoor area for them to use, including a fitness trail with balance beams and monkey bars, and an Early Years area with a rock climbing wall, rope swing and access to scooters and bicyles. Whatever the weather, our children are able to burn off some energy outdoors!

At St John’s, we like to provide children with new, adventurous activities through our PE curriculum.

Key Stage One children have one PE lesson a week but also have access to physical activity throughout the day in provision outside. Whether it's playing games on the playground, climbing the hill or completing some gardening, it's a very outside area!

All children in Key Stage Two have 2 hours of PE each week, whatever the weather! The children enjoy their PE lessons inside the school hall for 1 hour each week and outside on our playgrounds or field for the other hour.  If the weather is rather wet, we have a large outdoors canopy which a class of children can complete a lesson under.  The Key Stage Two playground also has a large clamber stack for the children to use during their play times.

At St John’s, we like to provide children with new, adventurous activities through our PE curriculum. KS2 participate in a variety of off-site activities including rock climbing, tennis, swimming, badminton and gymnastics. 

As well as these sessions in PE time, we offer our children the chance to be competitive in physical activity. The school takes part in a variety of competitive sports each year with schools across the district.

Our subject leader for Physical Education plans our curriculum offer very carefully.  Below you will find a gallery and a document which evidences how we ensure our children develop in the following areas too:

  • Competitive Sport
  • Physically demanding activities
  • Physically Confident and Physically Competent
  • Building Character
  • Embedding our School's Values

The specific skills and knowledge taught in Physical Education are detailed in our Skill Progression and Knowledge Progression documents.  If you wish to see these, please ask your child's class teacher.

physical education wider offer.pdf

pe journey map april 2020.pdf