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Curriculum Overview

At St John’s CE Primary School we provide an engaging and relevant curriculum, enabling our children to create a thirst for knowledge, a love for learning and opportunities to flourish.  We believe that providing our children with carefully planned learning experiences their personal development is enriched enabling them to become successful, confident learners.  Pupils develop key skills and processes through meaningful activities and experiences gaining knowledge and understanding of the world around them as they do so. We think carefully about the school’s local context and the experiences our children will have had outside of school, ensuring we build upon and expand their own experiences.

Our curriculum adheres to the National Curriculum whilst ensuring the topics meet the needs and interests of the children, motivating them to gain essential knowledge, understanding, skills and processes of each of the required subjects.  Within our foundation subjects, we develop cross-curricular links with other subjects, including core-subjects.  We plan regular trips into the community and across the region to expand and enrich learning and the children’s bank of Cultural Capital.

Further to this, we ensure that our core Christian Values are a common thread running through our learning experiences. For example, we carefully choose thought provoking novels where a character will undergo a moral journey, thus challenging our own values and behaviours.  In Geography, we learn about other countries and their people, learning that compassion is not just about helping other people less fortunate than ourselves, but ‘standing with them’ by challenging our own behaviours too.

All of our teaching and learning centres around teaching our children the necessary skills they need to master our curriculum, with the longer term aim of preparing children for their journey through High School.  To ensure we do this, we teach the National Curriculum of England; please see below.

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If you would like further information about our curriculum, you will find subject specific information on this website or you can contact the school at or your child's class teacher.

For information about how we comply with the Equality Act 2010, please click here.

For details of how we comply with our duties in the Special Educational Needs and Disability Regulations 2014, please see our SEND Policy and our SEND Information Report located on the SEND sections of the website by clicking here.