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St John's C of E

Preparing for life

At St John’s we recognise that we play a crucial part in preparing pupils for their adult lives by providing them with plentiful and carefully planned opportunities to learn how to engage with society.  We are always mindful that as children move through their school career at our school, we are preparing them for their next stage in their school career and, indeed, life beyond.

These carefully planned activities, visits, discussions and opportunities ensure the school develops pupils to become responsible, respectful and active citizens who can play their part and become actively involved in public life as adults.  We also carefully plan opportunities to develop children’s character through further carefully planned leadership opportunities and experiences.  Colleagues and children often talk about their own and each other’s values and behaviours so that they children learn to reflect wisely, learn eagerly, behave with integrity and cooperate consistently well with others. This gives pupils the qualities they need to flourish in our school and the wider society.

Preparing children for high school and beyond

The children develop a range of social skills in different contexts, for example working and socialising with other pupils, through carefully planned activities, visits, discussions and opportunities to support children in their readiness for subsequent years, high school and beyond. 

As children move through their school career at St John’s they will meet a variety of professionals and representatives from several occupations.  Working with the Bradford Council Careers and Technical Education Service, these opportunities broaden our children’s horizons and offer opportunities to raise aspirations. Subject leaders and teachers also interweave links to the world of work and occupations into their weekly plans, helping children understand the value that different occupations bring to society enabling different people to flourish.