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Practise Apply Deepen

Practise Apply Deepen Pedagogical Model

In our day-to-day teaching, teachers resource work that allows children to practise mathematical skills, apply these skills in a useful context and then to deepen their understanding of the skill or concept.


Practise tasks are typically routine and repetitive questions which require children to WORK OUT an answer and show that they can do the basic calculation, for example : to be able to add 3 digit numbers using a column method.


Apply tasks require them to USE the skill to solve a problem, find an answer to puzzle or apply the skill in another area of learning.


Deepen tasks are those that allow pupils to show that they have mastered a skill. These questions often require children to explain their thinking when proving that something is true or false or the odd one out or whether a statement is always, sometimes or never true. They may be required to identify and explain where someone has made a mistake or write a set of instructions for how to use a skill or solve a problem.