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St John's C of E

Parent Surveys 2020 - 2021

October 2020 Parent Survey

Further comments from parents were also made:

  • We are very happy with the care and quality of teaching provided at this school. Thank you for creating such a happy and safe environment
  • Thank you for the opportunities that *pupil has to stretch herself and thrive at school
  • A good school and wonderful team
  • *pupil has just joined St John's in September and she is very happy here and so I am with the school

May 2021 SIAMS Parent Survey (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools)

Further comments were made in response to the following question: 'During the school day, we teach the children about our Core Christian Values of Compassion/Kindness, Courage/EnduranceWisdom and Interior Posture.  Please write below some examples of when your child has talked about these at home with you.'

  • Our School keeps them updated with all the necessary news from around the world & within our community. We as parents get to learn a lot from our children.
  • My child is very happy & blossoming within your school.
  • Fantastic school values & compassion & care shown towards children.
  • I love that you place importance on these values, it's helpful you do. On occasion we have been able to flip the question back to our son & ask if he thinks he is showing compassion in a situation. I am pleasantly surprised at how much other religion you do cover, I know from conversations with him over time he has learnt aspects of Hinduism, Judaism & Islam during his time with you.
  • I would like my child to develop a better understanding of other world religions to develop her overall knowledge & respect of other beliefs.