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Parent Surveys 2019 - 2020

October 2019 Parent Survey

February 2020 SIAMS Parent Survey (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools)

Further comments were made in response to the following question: 'During the school day, we teach the children about our Core Christian Values of Compassion/Kindness, Courage/Endurance, Wisdom and Interior Posture.  Please write below some examples of when your child has talked about these at home with you.'

  • Our child talks about praying at school. She keeps singing Collective Worship songs at home too.
  • My son talks about how he is kind to his friends because he knows it is the right thing to do because other children give him leaves when he is kind.
  • He spoke about Terrance/Oldham College in December (old man at Christmas) and how it is important to be kind.
  • We love hearing the values being sung about in the school song. If I have been listening properly you have been covering compassion and kindness recently.
  • We were told about the Chinese New Year and Hinduism last week.
  • My daughter will often speak about kindness to friends. He also talks about phonics and yoga.  She speaks about Chinese New Year too.
  • She said that she had courage on the residential when having to do rock climbing and the trapeze.
  • They don't talk about the values. They try to own them. Like my son saying to his younger brother, "You can do it. Keep going."