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Thankfulness Week


St John’s children are very thankful! 

The pupils and staff at St John’s CE Primary School have been celebrating the rich diversity within their school in their very own ‘Thankfulness Week’.

St John’s is committed to teaching their children the importance of the valuing equality and open-mindedness whilst also being able to sensitively challenge harmful or stereotypical views. Through their Relationship Education and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum, they deliver age-appropriate content from Nursery to Year 6 where the children are taught about equality and diversity in order to equip children with the confidence to know that everyone is different and that’s ok.

To help the children across the school celebrate their own individual characters and families the school held a Thankfulness Week.

We completed a range of activities, discussions and artwork.  Our art gallery is full of stunning artwork that showcases all that we are thankful for!

Miss Emily Carroll, PSHE Subject Leader, said:

“Through our Thankfulness Week, children were supported to celebrate their own family and learn about the many different families their friends have. They looked at the different beliefs these families hold, learnt how to sensitively recognise and discuss people’s different races, faiths and characteristics and know the importance of celebrating their own.”

Mr Andrew Knight, Headteacher of St John’s CE Primary School, said:

We all have our own personalities, character qualities and talents which make us all different. Learning about and celebrating the differences and similarities between our own friends and their families is so important – it’s this open, caring approach in our school which enables the children to get on so well, making good friends and be prepared for life in our wonderful, diverse city of Bradford!”

A pupil in Year 4 said:

We should feel proud of who we are but know, if we listen to others and are respectful, we can grow as people.”

Thankfulness Week