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Covid-19 parent views

Here are some of the views expressed by parents in our January 2021 Lockdown Parent/Carer Survey.


parent carer survey feedback you said we did jan 2021.pdf

The school is doing fantastic during this difficult time. We are very proud to be a part of St. John's family.


St John's have been fantastic throughout the pandemic and have supported parents from day 1. From talking to friends and colleagues, not every school has been so good so we really appreciate it.


All of the staff St. John's school is making sure that we are safe and happy. The school is going an extra mile by delivering the learning packs to our house. Thank you for everything.


...the quality and the support available is excellent. ...The time, effort and organisation invested in the home learning is evident. As always school are responsive in a timely manner whenever I have a query and are considerate of the wider needs of myself and my child. Thank you.


As always St John’s are amazing.  Work is relevant and differentiated so at the right level for my child.