Uniform reminder letter with photos

Uniform is a very important part of our school life. Foundation through to Year 5 all have the green sweatshirt or cardigan with yellow polo shirt. Year 6 have the option to wear the school’s purple sweatshirt and matching book bag. Although this is not compulsory, it is highly encouraged. See the photos below for examples of our uniform.

According to school policy, all our pupils are required to wear school uniform which consists of the following:

  • Gold polo shirt
  • Grey or black skirt or pinafore dress, trousers or shorts
  • or Green & white or gold & white gingham or striped dress
  • Bottle green sweatshirt or cardigan
  • Grey or white socks, or Grey, bottle green or black tights
  • Sensible outdoor shoes or trainers
  • Sensible coat
  • Sun hat during summer weather
  • Black pumps to be worn indoors
  • Pupils in Year 6 are encouraged to wear purple sweatshirts or cardigans and may wear purple & white gingham or striped dresses.

Full details of School Uniform & Equipment is contained in the Parent Booklet.

Jewellery & Accessories

Children must not wear jewellery of any kind, except one small plain stud in each lobe of each ear; please see the picture on the website if in doubt. Watches may be worn by children who can read them but we accept no responsibility for loss or damage.

Small stud earringSmall Plain Stud Earrings pic

Fashionable hair accessories are not permitted. Only plain bobbles/bands etc. (in a colour that is in keeping with school uniform) are used to tie hair up/back.

Children are not permitted to wear nail varnish or false nails for school.

Parents are requested not to allow children to attend school with transfer tattoos.