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11 thoughts on “Sanctuary

  1. Dear God
    Please comfort Catherine and Andrew and all their family and friends in Austraila. Take care of Matthew. Thank you that he was so talented and special and that he brought joy to everyone.

  2. Dear God
    Please help and comfort those people who are ill at this time. Please help our families and friends to remember their love for each other.

  3. Dear God,

    Thank you for the inspiration of Nelson Mandela, who showed great courage in speaking out against unfairness. We hope that people will remember the important lessons that he taught. Let’s be grateful for the positive changes that have happened and the things that have been done to make the world a fairer place – by people all over the world. Let’s continue to challenge racism and to try to overcome unfairness wherever we find it.


  4. Dear God
    We pray for all the children who are leaving our school this year. We ask you to take care of them as they settle into their new schools in September.
    We hope that they will take with them all the love we had for them while they were here with us at St John’s. We hope that all their memories of our school will be happy.
    God bless them

    Mrs Lawley

  5. Dear God

    We pray for all the teachers of St Johns school for all the hard work that they continue to do. We pray for the children of year 6 as they say goodbye to St Johns and move onto high school. We pray that their transition is smooth and pray that they make loads of new friends.


  6. This week we are thanking God for the wonderful gift of water; too many people in the world do not have enough clean drinking water. We should not take water for granted.
    Mrs Lawley

  7. Dear God,
    Thank you for the wonderful world you gave us and everything you put in it. Please help the countries where poor and unhealthy people live.

  8. Dear God,
    Let us pray for those in Nepal with everything there going through and let us celebrate that there are no more, people holding other people guilty for who are. Look after everyone in need. As always we thank you for everything we can do.

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