We have all been learning Spanish alongside our two new Spanish teddies Arturo and Josefina.


Year 3 


We have learnt how to introduce ourselves, how to count up to 12 and some colours.

img_0028 img_0030 img_0052 img_0053

We have enjoyed learning some Spanish songs too.

Year 4

We have been learning various conversational questions.


We have been working very hard learning the days, months and numbers to 31.

Now we can tell you the date and can sing a variety of songs.

img_0021 img_0018 img_0015 img_0005

Years 5 and 6

We have been learning about towns. We have learnt lots of building names and now can tell you all about our home town in Spanish.

We produced some information posters about our home town.


Next we learnt how to talk about directions in Spanish and even did some Pokemon chasing!

spanish-030 spanish-110 spanish-006 spanish-088

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