Year 3 – 200 Word Story Competition

As part of World Book Day last Thursday, year were asked to write a 200 word story. They were give three objects which had to appear in their stories. The objects were: a banana, silver coins and a piece of paper with an X in the middle.

The teachers thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the children’s stories. It was a very difficult decision but in the end there could only be one winner. Mr Burton had the deciding vote and he chose the following story written by Kane in Poplar….

There was a banana that was alive! He had silver coins and he bought a shovel. He looked around the world because he had heard about a treasure hunt. He looked in Mexico and it wasn’t there. He searched in Africa, not there either. He was still confident to find the X. The next day he was hungry there was no food in Africa so he ate a bit of himself. Then he finally found the treasure and within seconds a man came. He was big, very big and he congratulated the banana and gave him a medal signed greatest treasure hunter in the world. He also gave him an alive banana girlfriend they both walked away. The banana and his girlfriend together looked inside the treasure box and they saw a banana puppy and lots of…. silver coins! On the other side there were golden coins and at the bottom was a jewellery box full of jewellery. They were rich. In Africa he had to make his bed and he fell straight to sleep and he dreamed of bananas!


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