Year 3 – Victorian day

This week, year 3 visited a Victorian museum in Leeds to experience what it was like in the Victorian times. The main reason we went on this trip is because we have started a brand new topic all about inventions and machines! Our behaviour was perfect because we knew if we behave naughty we would get slapped really hard on the hand by the cane (not for real!)

Things that we did.

At first we did maths which isn’t just calculating but we learnt all about the time as well! We slowly kept looking at the answers on the answer board and then the teacher rubbed all the answers out and we had to answer them! We also got given a ”copy book” which is basically a handwriting book but instead of using a normal pencil we used a special pen called a dip pen! The dip pen is also a bit horrible to use because the ink gets all over your hands!


1. Do not  talk unless the teacher asks you to.

2.You have to say yes maam or yes sir

3.If you are answering a question you have to stand up behind your desk.

How we felt.

It was a very exiting day for year 3. We had lots of fun experiencing what it was like in the Victorian times. We are all very lucky that we are in our schools right now. We learnt how hard it was for Victorian children: EXTREMELY HARD.

Reporter Charlie, Year 3.

Year 3 Photos

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