Year 2 and 3 parent/school app

We are trialling a new parent/school app. The app is initially being used by year 2 and 3 teachers. The app will allow parents or other family members or friends to access information about school, letters, newsletters, school diary and updates about what is going in within the classroom. The app can also be used to reply to letters electronically (trip reply slips for example). The app can also be used to send notifications to parents when there are changes to the day (e.g. clubs being cancelled or a change to the dinner menu).

Once the app is installed click yes to allow notifications – this will allow you to receive updates from school. Within the app you can also go into the settings page and choose which categories (year groups) you would like to get notifications.

You can download the app for free on either the Apple or Android store.



This is a trial and we will rely on feedback from parents to decide about how an app could be used in the future.

Please contact year 2 or 3 teachers or myself with any questions.

Mr Burton

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