Year 5’s trip to The Lowry

Last Tuesday, Year 5 went on a trip to the Lowry Gallery. We were all given looking logs, which are sketch books, to practise our sketches and new skills.

To start with we learnt how to do perspective drawings – we couldn’t believe how simple it was. We learnt how to add shadows to our drawings using cross hatching and how to draw animals with 4 legs. Once we had practised in our look books, we walked around the gallery and looked at some of Lowry’s landscape art. They were amazing and worth lots of money – one piece was worth £7,000,000!

We chose our favourite pieces and drew them in the gallery applying the new skills we had just learnt. We then went back to the studio and added detail to our sketches with a black pen and water to make certain features stand out.

After lunch, we looked at portraits Lowry drew of his family and himself. We looked in detail at one of his most famous self-portraits, Head of a Man, which scared a few of us because of the detail and the piercing red eyes. Our artist gave us 30 seconds to sketch what we could see to practise our skills – this was very difficult because we weren’t allowed to look down at our work as we were sketching. The end results were very funny! Like with the landscapes, we then went and chose our favourite portrait and sketched it thinking about facial proportions.

Our teachers were all very impressed with the work we produced and we all surprised ourselves by our skills! We had a brilliant day out and learnt lots of new techniques which we will apply to our artwork in school.

By Libby and Nikki

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