4 thoughts on “Star Trek: A Musical Voyage

  1. This set looks really good but I still believe chitty chitty bang bang was the best show EVER. But how was yours put in the newspaper; you lot are all famous and you all look so good in the pictures. I can tell it went well and I bet you all enjoyed it and I hope that you all have fun in high school. GOOD LUCK and try hard to get the grades you want and you will all have a good career when you are older and I think some of u should go into productions and have fun. Don’t forget to thank your teachers as they are the ones that helped make the amazing scenery and they always knock it out of the park.

    • Sheldon it was great to read your comment about our Star Trek production. Every time I see Mr King with the carpentry club, I ask whether he has found another Sheldon F. We compare the children’s skills to yours; you are still our benchmark.
      Your advice is very wise and mature. It is very rewarding that you are growing up to be so thoughtful and considerate; I hope that your primary school is partly responsible!
      Keep blogging Sheldon. It’s great to hear from you.
      Mrs Lawley

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