Y4 Romans at Murton Park

By Hannah and Caitlin – Hawthorn

On Monday and Tuesday Year 4 went to Murton Park to be Roman soldiers. On our trip we did many fun activities such as javelin and dueling. We learnt that the Romans spoke a Latin language and the Celts, their worst enemy, spoke Welsh. We also learned that to be a citizen in the Roman army you’d have to fight in their army for 25 years, if you survived of course! The whole of Year 4 made an oil lamp because in Roman times they didn’t have electricity. We fought against one of the Celts but because they were so scared they just ran away. We had to wear a Roman uniform which included a helmet, a spear, a shield and the red dress with a rope tied around it. Everybody in Year 4 were split into 4 groups. Each of the 4 groups had their own barracks. The barracks were where you would sleep and eat. You would sleep on old, dusty bunk beds. All of us got a certificate and a special Roman coin.

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