Guess Who in Creative Writing Club!

This week in Creative Writing we have been busy writing riddles. Children were asked to think of a member of staff from school and write clues about them for us to guess.

Here is some of their work – see if you can guess who they are describing!

I am a small teacher.
I have 3 children.
I have short, brownie, red hair.
My favourite colour is purple.
I wear a warm purple coat.
Who am I?
(By Brooke – Year 4)

I have been around school for a long time.
I wear glasses.
I sometimes appear in the hall.
I have grey hair
I have a teacher in the room when I teach classes.
Who am I?
(By Brooke – Year 5)

I have dark brown hair.
I normally wear a dress.
I have a blue nurture group.
I work in Key Stage 2.
I am kind and helpful.
Who am I?

(By Amy – Year 5)

Miss Eskriett, Mr Mawson and Miss Goldthorp

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