The Great British Bread Off!

Following their visit to Love Bread last week, today Year 5 used the skills they learnt there to make their own bread. Children began the day by designing what their bread would look like, thinking carefully about the shape their bread would be and what it would look like when cut. They then worked in groups to accurately weigh their ingredients and combined them together using their hands. Once all the ingredients were combined they took it in turns to knead the bread in order to stretch the gluten strands so their loaf would rise when baked and have a light and fluffy texture when eaten! The children kneaded their dough for 10 minutes and then let it rise. After an hour the children folded in their ingredients and shaped their bread before putting them in the oven. All of the children showed excellent team work throughout the day and we hope you’ll agree that their final results looked very professional and incredibly tasty!

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