Yorkshire Sculpture Park

When we arrived at Y.S.P we were introduced to Natalie in a huge room. We talked about what it is like in the park. First we saw a white tree which was made of iron. The second sculpture we saw was a very interesting house for birds called ‘Fly Away Home’. A few minutes later we saw an octopus sculpture which was very sparkly and was covered in crystals. After that we visited the totem pole which had a whole story behind it about a tribe who had been starving for a long time. But then one day the Thunderbird God came and killed the whale that ate all the fish. A while after we saw a robot and we thought it was dancing and we also thought it was a cat. After lunch we went to the field which was called St. John’s Sculpture Park. Then it was time to make a sculpture. In Poplar, we made animals doing different things, such as a juggling giraffe, an elephant on a unicycle, a pouncing octopus and a spider walking along a tightrope. In Rowan, we made sculptures of animals, but had to adapt them so that they had another function. For example, one group made a cat which was called Water Works that sprayed water. We used blue tubes that were used as water spraying out of its mouth. We used a tyre as a bowl and we used any blue thing as water. As Rowan were coming home there was a fire on the motorway, so we got very delayed. Poplar had a normal journey home. Thank you for reading our report.

By Tyler and Ellis

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