Year 4 – Descriptive Writing

In Literacy, Year 4 are enjoying reading ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, by Michael Morpurgo.

In the story, the main character, Michael, writes in his log that his family got caught in a storm. Year 4 didn’t think that the storm was described very well and decided to write a description themselves! They have used adjectives, adverbs, similes and personification to create some fantastic pieces!

Here is a sample of some of the very imaginative descriptions that they have produced:

‘Waves smashed into the terrified metal yacht and the boat went up like a giant flame. Thunder and waves invaded the top deck and danced in the Captain’s cabin. As quick as a flash, the wind whipped the helpless boat relentlessly. Again, the menacing winds blew like a huge tornado, ripping the boat apart. With no mercy, lots of enormous forks of lightning crashed into the side of the ship.’ – James, Hawthorn.

‘Meanwhile, down in the sea, crates of bricks and fish fell helplessly into furious whirlpools like a piece of paper being shredded. Waves furiously scooped up the wrecked boat like a body builder at the gym lifts weights in anger. Suddenly, waves of material came riding up the fearless waves trying to save the old wreck that they used to be part of. As the storm went on, the waves began to dive back into a whirlpool, causing the helpless boat to lose balance and control.’ – Charlie, Hawthorn.

‘The first sign of the storm was the low rumble that I heard in the distance. The thunder rumbled like a moaning stomach. Waves started to push the boat from side to side. The lightning lit up the sky like a light bulb switching on. I started to get scared. The waves picked up the boat and dropped it back into the sea. I clung on tightly.’ – Sienna, Hawthorn.

‘The start of the storm went with a spine chillingly cold breeze of wind. Then it started more and within moments, the storm wind was strong enough to pick a person up and shoot them down into the depth of the water at the speed of sound. Talking about sound, my eardrums shattered at the screeches and cries of the wind.’ – Sam, Ash.

‘Across the ocean and in the sky, there were forks of lightning everywhere. The bellowing noises of thunder made the boat shake with fear. I jumped with fear. Stella barked with terror. I ran around the boat, quickly searching for somewhere to hide. Terrifyingly, I begged the storm to stop. My heart raced furiously. The storm never stopped.’ – Ellie-Mai, Ash.

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