Yr 1 and 2 Canal Visit

As part of our ‘Journeys’ topic, the children in KS1 went on a journey of their very own along Skipton Canal. The children were very excited to be travelling along the waterway in a canal boat! Whilst on the boat, they learnt about the history of the Leeds to Liverpool Canal and how the waterway was used by the mills of Bradford and others cities along it.

Our journey didn’t stop at the canal, as each class visited a park on the way home where we explored the grounds of St. Ive’s Park and had a play on the adventure playground. Unfortunately, Beech’s trip was cut a bit short due to the rainy weather but they managed a picnic in the bandstand of Robert’s Park and a quick play before heading back to school.

Back at school, the children have been creating their very own canals in Year 1 whilst the Year 2 children have been developing their map skills, plotting our journey from school and back.

Everyone had an amazing day. The staff said it was a very relaxing trip along the canal as the children were so well behaved and represented St. John’s school beautifully.

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