Creative Writing – Guess Who

Creative Writing club spent their last session of this year writing Guess Who pieces. See if you can guess who they have written about below…

1. This person is support staff. She wears blue and has died blue hair. She also wears blacks boots, gloves and has a walking stick. This person has lightly tanned skin. She is always in the playground to help you. Her voice is nice when happy but scary when cross.


2. This person loves chocolate especially milk chocolate. This person has blonde hair and has been working at our school for around 2 years. She has two cats, Milly and Tilly. Her nurture group is red. She is a class teacher and is married. She normally wears a dress and she has a silver ring with a little diamond. She normally wears her hair down with a little clip in it.


3. This teacher is very nice, she always wears the same coloured clothes and her hair is blonde with black stripes. She hates it when people ignore her. Before making us silent she lets us have 3 chances. In nurture groups she is not in the green team. She is not pregnant and is a main teacher in school. Around school she always makes us walk to the left. She has made a new invention – the trial pen! She was in the winning house last year. She is not married but has a boyfriend. She’s always tired and when she is she huffs and puffs. She is a bit strict.


4. She has orangy, brown hair. She usually helps people with their reading. She always wears cardigans. She has brown eyes and two daughters. You will find her in the playground in her sunglasses. When it is not playtime, she is in year 4 doing guided reading. She uses funny words like ‘wibble-wobble’. She’s a first aider and helps with nose-bleeds and cut knees.


5. This person is very kind but strict. She is in year 5 and is a member of suppport staff. She loves chocolate! She has three nieces in school and her nuture group colour is blue, just like mine. She also wears the same clothes everyday. She has kids but they do not go to our school. This person is not married unfortunately but she has a partner.

Can you guess all 5?

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