Beech’s Observational Drawings

After researching about the artist Henry Moore, Beech did some observational drawings of one of his sculptures.

Before they began their drawings we discussed what we thought the sculpture was of and what his inspiration might have been. Many children thought Moore’s inspiration came from the human body as the sculpture reminded them of a head and shoulders and a hip joint. The children were all very surprised to discover the title of the sculpture was ‘Sheep Piece’!

All of the children were given their own ‘Observational Art Book’ and a special drawing pencil to use for their drawing. They learnt how to sketch correctly by pressing lightly and how to ‘stroke’ the paper with their pencil to create the curves of the sculpture. We played classical music to help us relax and concentrate on our artwork.

Miss Shaw was very impressed with the all sketches created and how well the children paid attention to the shape of the sculpture.

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