KS1 have an Easter arrival!

In Key Stage 1 we had some eggs but they left early yesterday morning.

When the eggs started to hatch we saw a little peach beak and yellow soft wings. When they started to hatch we started to guess what animal was in the eggs. I thought it was an ostrich egg but some children thought they were goose eggs. As they grew we saw they had webbed feet and were ducklings! When they got bigger we made them a pen out of the building-blocks in the shared area. When we got a closer look they got frightened and they kept hiding under a little shelter. When the chicks were 5 days old we got to pick them up. They felt really soft and cuddly. It felt brilliant! We all felt really sad when they left yesterday morning because we enjoyed seeing them every morning and hearing them cheap.

Written by Keira

(Year 2, Beech)

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