Year 3 get creative!

After taking inspiration from some of the work of Bradford born artist David Hockney, Year 3 have been using the technique of photo layering to create abstract portraits of their classmates.

They had to take lots of different photographs of each other, from different distances and of different parts of the body, in order to get all the images they needed to create a full portrait. Once this was done, they had to become editors and choose which photos they wanted to use before they were printed, as they were only allowed to use 12, and some of them had taken over 40!

The final step was to layer them on the paper in the most effective order. This took real teamwork as they had to take into account everyone’s different creative opinions, but they eventually managed to create the portraits.

Mr Sadler and Miss Lang were so impressed; the children were incredibly proud of what they had created too.

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