Year 3 visit RHS Harlow Carr, Harrogate

The whole of year 3 went to Harlow Carr. Miss Lang’s group saw a flower named Elizabeth. We couldn’t really see many flowers because of all the snow! We did see a sycamore tree. On tree was really prickly because it has lots of spikes on it. We saw a tree from China! There was a victorian garden which we went in which had a really rusty lawn mower. After that, we saw a garden which looked like a maze and it had a conservatory in it!

by Charlie (Poplar)


When we went inside we made a helicopter seed out of paper. We tested our helicopter seed by throwing it off the balcony. Mine would grow because it landed in soil, if it had gone on the other side it would have landed on the path! We needed to think about what seeds are called. We saw the biggest seed in the world called an ‘elephant’s bottom’!!

by Derry-Joe (Poplar)



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  1. I enjoyed going to the work shop the most because the teacher was very nice I learnt a lot and was in Mr Sadler’s group our game name was science seeds

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