Captain Cook’s Diary!

Captain Cook

As part of their IPC topic (Adventurers and Explorers) this half term, year 3 have been carrying out research into the life of Captain James Cook. After reading a narrative about his first expedition the children were asked to write a diary extract explaining the journey he had taken and the events along the way. Here are some examples of the children’s writing.

Dear Diary

I have three kids and my wife is pregnant. I have just returned from my first adventure with two men called Joseph Banks and Daniel Salander on our boat the Endeavor  We were looking for the Great Southern Continent. We went from Rio in Brazil to Cape Horn to the Pacific Ocean and we ended up in Tahiti. I saw lots of animals and plants and I found New Zealand. Maori spotted our ship and attacked us. I was on the ship for 2 years. I sailed past the east coast of New Holland (Australia), I mapped the coasts naming places after special people to me. We got stuck in the coral reef. I went to East Indies and the crew caught Malaria, 41 people died. The remaining crew returned to London and I became Captain James Cook. But when I got back my daughter and youngest son had died.

(Rhys, Poplar)


Dear Diary

I left my three children and my pregnant wife at home because I was going to Brazil with Joseph Banks and Daniel Salander. A messenger gave me an envelope and I opened it and it said look for the Great Southern Continent.

On my way we had some chickens on board but there was a big storm and all the chickens went over board, I was very hungry.

I went to Rio in Brazil and they were mean because they wanted us to get kicked out and never come again. They thought we were British spies who were going to spy on them!

After Brazil we went to Cape Horn, the Pacific and ended up in Tahiti. They gave me gifts so I gave them a gift. In Tahiti I saw lots of animals and plants. I left that night and I found New Zealand.

The Maori spotted me! So they attached our ship. The next morning I sailed past east of New Holland (Australia) but on our way there were lots of rocks so we drew maps for people so if they went on the ocean they will know where the rocks are.

I landed on this island and were got stuck on the coral reef. We then sailed to the east Indies and the crew caught malaria and it spread and 41 people died because of the illness.

The remaining crew returned to London. I became Captain James Cook. When I got home my wife told me that my daughter and youngest son were dead. I felt so guilty because I left my children behind.

(Abigail O, Poplar)


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