Year 3 Visit Haworth & Bradford

As part of their geography unit, ‘A Village and a City’, year 3 have been on visits to Haworth and Bradford city centre. On their visit to Haworth the children carried out a building survey and people survey.

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These revealed Haworth to be a village which attracts tourists through it’s rich history.

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The second visit was a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ on the school minibuses. The tour took us past many of the major geographical features of the centre including; the Town Hall, National Media Museum, Bradford University and many more.

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As the children travelled around they realised the buildings were very different to those we found in Haworth. From this they inferred that the communities were more varied in the city centre than on the outskirts of Bradford.

The children will continue their work in school through a comparative investigation of the two areas.

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