Creative Writing Club

This week in Creative Writing we have been thinking about Remembrance.
Children were asked to think about those who have been affected by war and write about how they might be feeling. Below are some extracts from their writing.

“People say you will get over it in a few weeks but it has been months and still going. When I’m sad, he’s never there to help me. When people talk about their dads, I can’t. When I want to talk to my dad, I can’t. It’s not fair but someday I know I will meet him again.” Aimee (Year 4).

“As I was asleep in my soft bed, I began talking to my husband but no answer came. I woke up and realised that he wasn’t here anymore but was fighting in the war. I began to get dressed and eat my breakfast when the phone began to ring but no answer came…” Liba (Year 6).

“The girl’s heart filled with sorrow. She was so upset because her friend was not there, he was fighting in the war. Suddenly she saw him but when she tried to touch him she couldn’t, he was just a memory” Abigail (Year 4).

Salsa Dancing with Dance Club!

Look at the members of dance club go! They have been learning Salsa with Mrs Mosley.

ICT Club

Year 5 and 6 children who take part in ICT club on a Wednesday after school have been experimenting with a range of software and programs. Some have been creating their own Lego Mindstorm robots and others have been using graphics software to create images, bookmarks and posters.

Dance club gets Irish dancing!

We have been learning Irish dance for St Patrick’s Day. Miss Hammell is Irish and she told us all about Ireland and the Irish dancing.

Coming soon- salsa with Miss Mosely

Craft club with Miss Lang and Miss Hancock

Craft club is knitting and sewing.

Everyone is welcome to join, its on Wednesday after school.We have lots of other clubs to.They all finish at 4:15 pm. Some are on Monday like piano club but they still finish the same time.

Anyway sewing are just practicing there stitches and knitters are practicing the same to!   Last term sewers made things for Christmas.Rowan in year 3 made a little robin to hand on her Christmas tree!Somebody in sewing made a snowman. Once you get used to it its easy.To do sewing you just need to go over and under!We have Miss Hancock and Miss Lang.We also do it in year 3 poplar and we are next to origami club with Miss Shaw and her club!

By Reporter Aimee