KS2 German Club Christmas Carol

German club have been getting into the Christmas spirit this week by learning and performing the song ‘Silent Night’ in German.

We hope you enjoy listening and feel free to join in 🙂

Miss Gledhill and Miss Stitch are very impressed with the children for picking the song up so quickly

Creative Writing – Guess Who

Creative Writing club spent their last session of this year writing Guess Who pieces. See if you can guess who they have written about below…

1. This person is support staff. She wears blue and has died blue hair. She also wears blacks boots, gloves and has a walking stick. This person has lightly tanned skin. She is always in the playground to help you. Her voice is nice when happy but scary when cross.


2. This person loves chocolate especially milk chocolate. This person has blonde hair and has been working at our school for around 2 years. She has two cats, Milly and Tilly. Her nurture group is red. She is a class teacher and is married. She normally wears a dress and she has a silver ring with a little diamond. She normally wears her hair down with a little clip in it.


3. This teacher is very nice, she always wears the same coloured clothes and her hair is blonde with black stripes. She hates it when people ignore her. Before making us silent she lets us have 3 chances. In nurture groups she is not in the green team. She is not pregnant and is a main teacher in school. Around school she always makes us walk to the left. She has made a new invention – the trial pen! She was in the winning house last year. She is not married but has a boyfriend. She’s always tired and when she is she huffs and puffs. She is a bit strict.


4. She has orangy, brown hair. She usually helps people with their reading. She always wears cardigans. She has brown eyes and two daughters. You will find her in the playground in her sunglasses. When it is not playtime, she is in year 4 doing guided reading. She uses funny words like ‘wibble-wobble’. She’s a first aider and helps with nose-bleeds and cut knees.


5. This person is very kind but strict. She is in year 5 and is a member of suppport staff. She loves chocolate! She has three nieces in school and her nuture group colour is blue, just like mine. She also wears the same clothes everyday. She has kids but they do not go to our school. This person is not married unfortunately but she has a partner.

Can you guess all 5?

St John’s Shadowers – Book Reviews

Book Title: Osbert the Avenger

Author: Christopher William-Hill 

Genre: Adventure

Rating: 10/10

Osbert the Avenger is an exciting story that would blow your mind. The author has set the book on the characters of Osbert and his dad Mr Brinkoff. Osbert tells the story, he is very clever so he goes to a place called the institute. The institute is where bad things can happen to you. If you prefer cleavers to kittens and fiends to fairies then this book will be gruesome for you!

The best part of the book is the characters; I liked nanny because she makes me laugh. The other character I liked is the gravestone man, who sits on skeletons heads. I didn’t like it when people got hurt for nothing. The other thing that I disliked was when the teachers that taught him taught him very badly (except one!).

Osbert is a very clever boy because he completes very hard and long tests. Mr Brinkhoff is a very sad character who spends most of his time at work in the bank. Nanny is the funniest because she has very funny jokes and I won’t tell you why!

I have learned from Osbert the Avenger that you always have to try hard no matter what. Also if you don’t think your clever, just try and try. Also, if a teacher seems mean they are just trying to protect you.

I recommend this book to Molly in Shadowers. If you like stories with an unexpected ending than this book is definitely for you.

Katie (Ash)


Book Title: The Last Wild

Author: Piers Torday

Genre: Adventure


This book is about a boy called Kester who escapes from his care home with some help from a cricket. The author is Piers Torday and the book is called The Last Wild. In the rest of the story some pigeons fly him to the ring of the trees where the last animals survived.

 I really liked the book because of all the animals. There is a sad part in the middle of the book which I didn’t enjoy reading because it upset me.

My favourite character is the wolf cub because in this story he’s always falling over things. Kester is a little boy who really likes animals. Polly is a girl that lives by herself and is very interested in plants.

I think the story teaches you not to run away from home because the boy in this story did exactly that. HE DIDN’T LIKE IT!

I recommend this book because it is very adventurous but if you don’t like animals that this is not for you!

Ellis (Poplar)


In the book, Kester is at spectrum hall and you need a special keycard to get in and out. The dinnerlady serves up something called fish finger formula which flavour is fish finger. It looks like pink glop! All he knows at this very moment is this:

  1. A flock of excited pigeons in his bedroom
  2. They are talking to him
  3. His life will never be the same.

I’ve learnt that you should be kind and always help people even if they are mean.

I liked the book because Kester goes on an adventure and animals talk to him. I also like how it is set out. I dislike the idea of him being locked in his room and having fish finger  formula.  Kester is a shy little boy who is pollite, mischievous and quiet. He is an extraordinary character but he doesn’t know that yet.

I recommend this book a lot because it’s adventurous. If you like adventure stories then this is for you. Rating: 7/10

Molly (Rowan)


Book Title: Shine

Author: Candy Gourlay

Genre: Adventure

Rating: 10/10


This book is about a girl called Rosa. Her fortune is to go to London .A girl called Yaya is trying to stop her but Rosa keeps her hopes up. Do you think her dream will come true or will she get an an exciting trip to London with a friend by her side.

The things I liked about Shine is that it was very scary. As well, I loved all of the characters. I especially liked it when they pretended they where someone else. The things I didn’t like about Shine was when her mum died.

Rosa is my favourite character because she is very confident and never gives up. She is very cheerful especially near the end.

I have learnt that you should always be kind to others and never to tease someone.

If you like stories with a shocking twist this one is definitely for you!

Grace (Rowan)