Choir at the Alhambra

We are very excited today as choir will be performing at the Alhambra! They will be singing Chasing Cars, Mr Sand Man and many more songs. After they have sung they have been invited to watch the show of Cinderella. We will update you with photos and a video tomorrow!


by Reporter Cerys

Choir Rehersal for Christmas Shows

Listen to our choir reherse. This month, Choir have been performing at a whole range of events including:

St Johns Church Christmas Fair

Panto at the Albra

Event at the Bradford Bulls stadium

Carol concert at St Johns Church

Click to listen to the choirs version of O Holy Night. Choir Rehersal O Holy Night December 2012



Choir at christmas lights

On Saturday 17th November, our school choir will be performing at the turning on of the Bradford Christmas lights. Choir will be the introductory performance – they will open up all of the other acts. This will be difficult for choir as Mrs. Young cannot lead as she usually does. Choir are all excited about this and their two soloists, Ayra and Kristen, have been practicing their socks off. Good luck for the performance, choir!

We hope to see you there and will update on our success after.

Digital Reporter Lydia