Year 6 Green Screen

Year 6 have been learning how to use green screen to make short videos. Some groups have used the ‘Stop Animation’ app on the iPad to animate Lego people against green backgrounds whilst others have used the larger green-screen studio to transport them to a Christmas wonderland.

Bradford city penalty shoot out for charity!


Yesterday,the whole school had a penalty shoot out outside of the dining room. The penalty shootout was lead by Bradford City F.C and we managed to raise lots of money for charity and school.People who tried to raise money got to take four penalty’s against the chicken Billy Bantam from Bradford city and people who didn’t raise any money still got a chance to take a penalty at the end of the shootout. At the end of the shoot out of course no-one wanted to be left out so the teachers had a shot at Billy Bantam too! if you are wondering if you raise at least £3 you will get a medal and if you raise £20 or over you will get your a self a Bradford city football and maybe a medal! But the best… if you raise the most money out of the whole shootout you will get a unique Bradford City F.C football signed by Bradford city footballers!thnk you for putting in the effort to raise money and we are very grateful for your conturbiton to our fund today. The charity’s and our school are very delighted with all the money raised today and soon we may edit this post to tell you the grand total of money raised yesterday! We are all looking forward till we get our prizes.


And Thank you for reading this report

From Reporter Charlie and his assistant Katie.

Easter Worship

All children and staff attended our Easter Worship yesterday some Governors also visiting too. Our recorder club started our worship by performing Peace Perfect Peace. Despite their stage fright they impressed everyone with their first performance.

We sang a number of songs including Servant King and Hurray for Jesus. Everyone was given their palm cross and held them carefully during our Easter prayers. Some of our Year 6 children had prepared their own video version to accompany the hymn See What a Morning.

As the children left the hall they were also given an Easter Egg treat!


Good Citizen and Hobbies and Interests Awarded

Over the last couple of days Year 3 and 4 children have been presenting their Hobbies and Interests to our Head Boy and Head Girl and Miss Simpson. There has been a variety of different hobbies which have really interested the panel of judges!

On Wednesday afternoon, Eric Bland, one of our Foundation Governors, visited school to listen to some Good Citizen presentations from Years 5 and 6 children. Mr Bland and Mr Lupton were so impressed by all of the presentations that each of the children were awarded their Good Citizen Badges.

Thank you Callum for the photographs too.

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