The Star Museum

Last Thursday, Laurel and Cedar went on a school trip to the Star Centre in Keighley.

It was a long journey but it was all worth it. First of all, we went into the briefing room where we learnt a bit more about space in general. Julie, who was the lady that taught, told us a lot about the Milky Way, the galaxy and the 8 planets in our solar system. We then went into a Cosmodome to learn about the constellation of stars and what their names are. After the Cosmodome, we went back into the briefing room and talked a bit more about what we had learnt.

After, we went to space in a rocket ship! When we got to the moon, we split into 2 groups. One group operated a Lunar rover on a track and controlled robot arms to pick up small objects. The other group got into space suits and went exploring on the moon to find and collect aliens.

The last thing we did was go into a room where there were lots of computers; we played games on them which were all about space. We also tracked Tim Peake, the British astronaut, to find out where in space he was. We found out that it takes him half an hour to orbit the Earth; this means he orbits the Earth 16 times in 1 day!

We had an amazing time; it was the best space trip we could’ve gone on.

Reported by Tyla and Charlotte (Year 5)

Year 5 are authors!

Report written by Holly, Sienna, Alesha and Callum

Welcome to our report. We hope you enjoy your time with us. We read to year two this morning, sharing the true story of the three little pigs. The year two children listened really well and it was a pleasure for us to read with them. We hope we read with them again.

About Our Story

The Three Little Pigs is a story based on a fairy tale about a wolf and three little pigs. In the story of the Three Little Pigs there is a wolf that blows their houses and they get burnt. But, in our version, there is a twist. The story is about a wolf and the three little pigs but in our version the wolf is innocent. He didn’t blow the house up but sneezed an almighty sneeze. And he doesn’t die but gets locked up by the cops because he was caught trying to break into the brick house. Without hesitation, he was locked up.

Year Two’s Reaction

One of the Year Two boys said that he really likes our true story. The year 2 children liked the part when the pig said, “Go away I am brushing the hairs off my chinny chin chin.”

Digital Leaders go Minecraft

Year 4 and 5 Digital Leaders have been busy developing team working, problem solving and communication skills this week. We have all been to the Bradford Innovation Centre where children were set a range of challenges on Minecraft. All challenges were designed to really encourage team work. 

First, groups had to navigate their entire team through mazes – it wasn’t the fastest person but the fastest team that won. Later in the morning groups explored various biomes whilst getting everyone through an obstacle course. Before lunch children were introduced to coordinates (3 dimentional!). It didn’t take them long to pick up how to read 3D coordinates and were setting each other waypoints to help very quickly. The day  ended with a group build competition – it is much harder to build as a group that it sounds!
Well done to everyone who took part. 

Bradford city penalty shoot out for charity!


Yesterday,the whole school had a penalty shoot out outside of the dining room. The penalty shootout was lead by Bradford City F.C and we managed to raise lots of money for charity and school.People who tried to raise money got to take four penalty’s against the chicken Billy Bantam from Bradford city and people who didn’t raise any money still got a chance to take a penalty at the end of the shootout. At the end of the shoot out of course no-one wanted to be left out so the teachers had a shot at Billy Bantam too! if you are wondering if you raise at least £3 you will get a medal and if you raise £20 or over you will get your a self a Bradford city football and maybe a medal! But the best… if you raise the most money out of the whole shootout you will get a unique Bradford City F.C football signed by Bradford city footballers!thnk you for putting in the effort to raise money and we are very grateful for your conturbiton to our fund today. The charity’s and our school are very delighted with all the money raised today and soon we may edit this post to tell you the grand total of money raised yesterday! We are all looking forward till we get our prizes.


And Thank you for reading this report

From Reporter Charlie and his assistant Katie.