Sports Day

On Tuesday we had a very enjoyable Sports Day with KS1 and Reception in the morning and KS2 in the afternoon.

Have a look at the photos below.

Year 5 – Graffiti in School!

Last week, Cedar and Laurel did some graffiti with the artist Stephen Lamb (Lamby). First of all we discussed whether we thought graffiti was art or vandalism. It was really interesting to hear people’s different opinions. Some people thought it depended on where the graffiti was done and others thought it depended more on what was being drawn or written. After our discussion, we used the Ipads to research different types of graffiti – there are 7 types!

Lamby then took use out in groups and gave us our own blank canvas. He took us one at a time to spray our canvases in a colour of our choice to create the background to our artwork. Whilst we were waiting we looked through folders containing some of Lamby’s work and played Jenga. Once our backgrounds were spayed, we chose a stencil we would like to use and what colour spray paint we would spray it in – there were lots to choose from! Carefully, we placed the stencil over our background and sprayed over it which left a coloured print.

We all thought graffiti would be really easy but we were all surprised at how difficult it was! You have to have lots of creative ideas to be a graffiti artist. Lamby has his own job as a graffiti artist and he is very skilled which we think would take years to learn and perfect! All of Year 5 had a great time making our graffiti canvases and we are very proud of our work.
Some of our artwork will be selected to go on display around school so make sure you keep your eyes peeled! Below is a photograph of all of our masterpieces.

Thank you so much Lamby for using your time to teach us how to be graffiti artists!

Report written by Sienna and Charlotte

Year 5 visit Bradford Academy

Report written by Caden and Callum (Cedar – Year 5)

Year 5 visit Bradford Academy

On Tuesday, Cedar and Laurel visited Bradford Academy with their classmates and teachers. They went to the Academy to get an idea of what high school would be like as well as doing lots of fun activities such as Science, ICT and Music. In Science, the children set Miss Shaw’s and Miss Goldthorp’s hands on fire! Please do not try this at home it is very dangerous! Flaming bubbles flew around the air and lots more big explosions went on throughout the hour!

After Science they went to the I.C.T room and had an extremely fun time doing coding on Minecraft, Star Wars and Frozen.

As time went by children explored the huge school and met new teachers along the way.

Their final lesson was Music where they sang along to the music of the piano. They started by warming up their voices by telling a story about a bubble-gum man. Once they were warmed up they sang My Bonnie lies over the ocean and last but not least they sang and danced to, ‘Honk-honk, rounder-rounder, crash, beep-beep’. Year 5 found music very enjoyable and hilarious – even the teachers found it fun and everyone sang along cheerfully.

At the end of the trip Year 5 said their goodbyes to the teachers; however, some of them they might be seeing them again soon in a couple of years’ time when they start in year 7 at the Academy.


Year 5 make Lunar Rovers

Following our science topic, Earth and Space, children in year 5 were set a design technology challenge to design and make their own moving Lunar Rover. Once they had drawn their designs they used different resources to construct their Rovers. Children had very little input from Miss Shaw and Miss Goldthorp and they all showed excellent resilience and collaboration throughout the process.