Wear Amber and Claret Day

Today we asked everyone to bring in £1 to wear Amber and Claret for the day. We were raising money for the Plastic Surgery and Burns Research Unit (PSBRU) founded by Prof. David Sharpe following the fire disaster at Bradford City Football Club’s home ground, Valley Parade.

We would like to thank everybody who brought in their £1. We raised a total of £465!

Everybody at St John’s is very grateful to Brooke in Year 3 for her suggestion to raise money for this worthy charity.

Have a look at our photography below of Key Stage Two in their non-uniform Amber and Claret.

Sycamore visit a mosque

Sycamore class were very interested in our visit to the mosque today. Our guide, Nadeem Khan, was very interesting and showed us many areas of the mosque. We visited two very large prayer rooms; Year 2 were amazed at their size. We also visited the room where Muslims complete Wudu before entering the mosque to pray. We were very lucky whilst inside the mosque because the call to prayer started so we were able to listen to this together.

Whilst visiting, we thought carefully about how Muslims create a sense of belonging. We learnt how Muslims always face the same way to prayer so even if a Muslim was praying alone, they would know that many other Muslims around the world would also be facing the same way!

Sycamore class were very well behaved throughout their visit; a true credit to St John’s!

Good Citizen and Hobbies and Interests Awarded

Over the last couple of days Year 3 and 4 children have been presenting their Hobbies and Interests to our Head Boy and Head Girl and Miss Simpson. There has been a variety of different hobbies which have really interested the panel of judges!

On Wednesday afternoon, Eric Bland, one of our Foundation Governors, visited school to listen to some Good Citizen presentations from Years 5 and 6 children. Mr Bland and Mr Lupton were so impressed by all of the presentations that each of the children were awarded their Good Citizen Badges.

Thank you Callum for the photographs too.

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School Council litter pick

This morning, just after assembly, eight School Councillors from KS1 and KS2 worked with Mr Woodcock and Mr Knight to tidy up the entrance to our school. The small patch of ground just outside of our school had been identified as untidy by a child in KS2. They had suggested to Callum and Rose, our Head Boy and Head Girl, that some school councillors could tidy it up. Not wanting to disappoint, the school council leapt into action and took some direct action.

Have a look at the before and after photos to see the difference they have made!

Red Nose Day With St John’s!

St John’s today had a successful Red Nose Day with lots of funny faces and red noses hanging about. The children were all dressed in red clothes. A huge thank you to the school councillors (including myself) for coming to school at 8:15 to raise money in the morning and staying at school until 3:30 the raise money after school. Thank you to all of the parents and children who donated to red nose day funds at school as it makes a massive difference to the comic relief funds, and remember, every penny that you have donated today is another penny as the UK Government are going to double the money that we have raised today. Even if you didn’t donate to us today thank you as well for coming in in red clothes and if you bought an red nose any where that’s still money donated. Once again a big thank you to the school councillors and everyone else who contributed today to red nose day.


By Reporter Charlie, Year 4 Hawthorn