Cedar are visited by robots

Today Cedar were given the challenge to program a set of Arduino robots. Children worked in teams of four or five to write programs using functions, loops and variables which were then downloaded onto the robots.

Each robot had its own personality! Some were very quick and others were very accurate at turning whilst some less so!

In the afternoon, each team had the opportunity to modify their robot by attaching sticks, pins and other fixtures ready to ‘attack’ their opponents’ robots.

The team whose balloon avoided being popped was the winner! There were lots of tricky challenges throughout the day; resilience and perseverance were essential skills! Well done Cedar!


Year 5 Computer Components

Year 5 have been investigating what makes a computer work. They have been working in small groups to dismantle (and re-build!) computers.

Raspberry Pi – Digital Leaders

The year 5 digital leaders, along with children from year 4 who have applied to be digital leaders next year, have spent the day at the Bradford Innovation Centre.

They have been learning how to use the Raspberry Pi as a tool to program. They impressed all involved and were successful in creating programs which used various sensors and inputs. Finally they enjoyed making music with their own Makey Makey Fruit orchestra!

Well done digital leaders!

Bradford Film, Animation and Photography Awards

Congratulations to Rhys, year 6, who was awarded the Key Stage 2 Photography award at the recent Bradford Film and Animation event. You can read the T&A write up of the event here.

Rhys has worked hard, along with other school photographers, all year to develop his photography skills. His work is currently up in our school art gallery.

Well done Rhys!

IMG_0536 IMG_0497 IMG_0539