Digital Leaders – 3D Printing

Some of our year 5 and 6 digital leaders have been very excited this week when we took delivery of the new 3D printer. The children worked together (reading the manual carefully!) to set up the printer and have been experimenting with the different settings and options ever since.

What has been especially impressive is their determination to solve problems when things did not work first time or something was unclear. Working as a team they were able to get the printer up and running pretty quickly. They are now starting to explore the software that comes with the printer and will be ready to design their own 3D products in no time!

Photo 14-07-2016 13 10 45 Photo 14-07-2016 13 10 22 Photo 14-07-2016 13 09 21

Digital leaders are exploring the possible use of the 3D printer for year 5 and 6 lessons. This year 3D printing and 3D modelling was used in history (Egyptians).

New Digital Leaders

Children in year 4 have been busy applying to become a Digital Leader when they start in year 5. Current digital leaders lead on the recruitment process and helped to shortlist written applications first. Once shortlisted children were invited to a short interview and an ICT based challenge.

Digital Leaders were impressed with all the applicants and found the process of narrowing down to the final group very difficult. Children had to talk about their views on eSafety, support younger children in school and demonstrate how they would help raise the profile of ICT and computing even more.

The new digital leaders have now been selected and are already hard at work setting up, testing and experimenting with the new Lego WeDo sets ready for next year.

Well done to everyone who applied and well done to all of those involved in the interview process.

Year 6 Green Screen

Year 6 have been learning how to use green screen to make short videos. Some groups have used the ‘Stop Animation’ app on the iPad to animate Lego people against green backgrounds whilst others have used the larger green-screen studio to transport them to a Christmas wonderland.

Digital Leaders go Minecraft

Year 4 and 5 Digital Leaders have been busy developing team working, problem solving and communication skills this week. We have all been to the Bradford Innovation Centre where children were set a range of challenges on Minecraft. All challenges were designed to really encourage team work. 

First, groups had to navigate their entire team through mazes – it wasn’t the fastest person but the fastest team that won. Later in the morning groups explored various biomes whilst getting everyone through an obstacle course. Before lunch children were introduced to coordinates (3 dimentional!). It didn’t take them long to pick up how to read 3D coordinates and were setting each other waypoints to help very quickly. The day  ended with a group build competition – it is much harder to build as a group that it sounds!
Well done to everyone who took part.