Laurel class Robot trip!

On Thursday 6th February, Laurel class took a trip to the Bradford Innovation Centre to spend the day learning how to program and control Lego EV3 Robots. We learned all about how to define a robot, and found out how many robots we actually come across in daily life without realising.

The staff set us some challenges, which got more and more difficult throughout the day as we learned new skills and techniques. We had to learn how to write the program codes and download them onto the robots, before checking that the robots were actually doing what we wanted them to. Our problem solving skills were really tested when we had to find mistakes in our coding and put them right.

A special well done must go to Katie and John-Rapp for winning the Robot race at the end of the day! Thank you to Mr Burton for organising the trip – we all had a fantastic day and in the process learned so much about programming robots! ​

Night Zookeeper

Year 3 have been introduced to the Night Zookeeper. Paul the Zookeeper ha a Skype session with Year 3 during their ICT lesson; children got to hear about all of the unusual animals Paul looks after (the polarexpress bear, crocolion, sparkle butterfly…). Children have been using the Night Zookeepers iPad app to create their own animals and complete challenges to help run the zoo.

The Night Zookeeper is a creative literacy based project where children use digital drawing tools to create animals and solutions to problems in the zoo; children can also write their short stories to explain their creatures.

Children have been given passwords for the website and the app so they can continue to use the system at home if they want.

Year 3 legend

Year 3 have been writing their own legends. It was very hard but really enjoyable. Hopefully we all did our best!

It was about a hero/knight/prince and a dragon who fights! After we were sure that it was perfect, we typed it up onto the laptops! The teachers are going to make a display to show our word processed work which will be nice.

When we finished the legend, Miss Lang and Miss Shaw told the people that had done to draw a hero or the dragon. It was a busy day.

By Reporter Aimee

Year 6 Scratch Game Review

As part of the game project in year 6, children have been reviewing their own progress using ‘padlet’. Each child has left a comment about good/improvements to their game. Although brief, this has proven a popular task as it has helped them think about their game before they went on to do the formal review.

Well done year 6. Let’s hope year 5 like the games as well (they are testing the year 6 games next lesson!)