Yorkshire Sculpture Park

When we arrived at Y.S.P we were introduced to Natalie in a huge room. We talked about what it is like in the park. First we saw a white tree which was made of iron. The second sculpture we saw was a very interesting house for birds called ‘Fly Away Home’. A few minutes later we saw an octopus sculpture which was very sparkly and was covered in crystals. After that we visited the totem pole which had a whole story behind it about a tribe who had been starving for a long time. But then one day the Thunderbird God came and killed the whale that ate all the fish. A while after we saw a robot and we thought it was dancing and we also thought it was a cat. After lunch we went to the field which was called St. John’s Sculpture Park. Then it was time to make a sculpture. In Poplar, we made animals doing different things, such as a juggling giraffe, an elephant on a unicycle, a pouncing octopus and a spider walking along a tightrope. In Rowan, we made sculptures of animals, but had to adapt them so that they had another function. For example, one group made a cat which was called Water Works that sprayed water. We used blue tubes that were used as water spraying out of its mouth. We used a tyre as a bowl and we used any blue thing as water. As Rowan were coming home there was a fire on the motorway, so we got very delayed. Poplar had a normal journey home. Thank you for reading our report.

By Tyler and Ellis

Bradford city penalty shoot out for charity!


Yesterday,the whole school had a penalty shoot out outside of the dining room. The penalty shootout was lead by Bradford City F.C and we managed to raise lots of money for charity and school.People who tried to raise money got to take four penalty’s against the chicken Billy Bantam from Bradford city and people who didn’t raise any money still got a chance to take a penalty at the end of the shootout. At the end of the shoot out of course no-one wanted to be left out so the teachers had a shot at Billy Bantam too! if you are wondering if you raise at least £3 you will get a medal and if you raise £20 or over you will get your a self a Bradford city football and maybe a medal! But the best… if you raise the most money out of the whole shootout you will get a unique Bradford City F.C football signed by Bradford city footballers!thnk you for putting in the effort to raise money and we are very grateful for your conturbiton to our fund today. The charity’s and our school are very delighted with all the money raised today and soon we may edit this post to tell you the grand total of money raised yesterday! We are all looking forward till we get our prizes.


And Thank you for reading this report

From Reporter Charlie and his assistant Katie.

Year 4 – Descriptive Writing

In Literacy, Year 4 are enjoying reading ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, by Michael Morpurgo.

In the story, the main character, Michael, writes in his log that his family got caught in a storm. Year 4 didn’t think that the storm was described very well and decided to write a description themselves! They have used adjectives, adverbs, similes and personification to create some fantastic pieces!

Here is a sample of some of the very imaginative descriptions that they have produced:

‘Waves smashed into the terrified metal yacht and the boat went up like a giant flame. Thunder and waves invaded the top deck and danced in the Captain’s cabin. As quick as a flash, the wind whipped the helpless boat relentlessly. Again, the menacing winds blew like a huge tornado, ripping the boat apart. With no mercy, lots of enormous forks of lightning crashed into the side of the ship.’ – James, Hawthorn.

‘Meanwhile, down in the sea, crates of bricks and fish fell helplessly into furious whirlpools like a piece of paper being shredded. Waves furiously scooped up the wrecked boat like a body builder at the gym lifts weights in anger. Suddenly, waves of material came riding up the fearless waves trying to save the old wreck that they used to be part of. As the storm went on, the waves began to dive back into a whirlpool, causing the helpless boat to lose balance and control.’ – Charlie, Hawthorn.

‘The first sign of the storm was the low rumble that I heard in the distance. The thunder rumbled like a moaning stomach. Waves started to push the boat from side to side. The lightning lit up the sky like a light bulb switching on. I started to get scared. The waves picked up the boat and dropped it back into the sea. I clung on tightly.’ – Sienna, Hawthorn.

‘The start of the storm went with a spine chillingly cold breeze of wind. Then it started more and within moments, the storm wind was strong enough to pick a person up and shoot them down into the depth of the water at the speed of sound. Talking about sound, my eardrums shattered at the screeches and cries of the wind.’ – Sam, Ash.

‘Across the ocean and in the sky, there were forks of lightning everywhere. The bellowing noises of thunder made the boat shake with fear. I jumped with fear. Stella barked with terror. I ran around the boat, quickly searching for somewhere to hide. Terrifyingly, I begged the storm to stop. My heart raced furiously. The storm never stopped.’ – Ellie-Mai, Ash.

Year 4 Trip to Harlow Carr Gardens

Yesterday year 4 went to Harlow Carr Gardens in Harrogate as part of our Pollination and Environment topic.

We had the oppotunity to explore the gardens which were beautiful and we were able to do some sketching towards our art unit.

We also completed a workshop about pollination in which we learnt about the different parts of a flower. We were then able to go out into the gardens and look for these parts. We also spotted wasps pollinating!

We had a fantastic day and learnt a lot!

Easter Worship

All children and staff attended our Easter Worship yesterday some Governors also visiting too. Our recorder club started our worship by performing Peace Perfect Peace. Despite their stage fright they impressed everyone with their first performance.

We sang a number of songs including Servant King and Hurray for Jesus. Everyone was given their palm cross and held them carefully during our Easter prayers. Some of our Year 6 children had prepared their own video version to accompany the hymn See What a Morning.

As the children left the hall they were also given an Easter Egg treat!