New Digital Leaders

Children in year 4 have been busy applying to become a Digital Leader when they start in year 5. Current digital leaders lead on the recruitment process and helped to shortlist written applications first. Once shortlisted children were invited to a short interview and an ICT based challenge.

Digital Leaders were impressed with all the applicants and found the process of narrowing down to the final group very difficult. Children had to talk about their views on eSafety, support younger children in school and demonstrate how they would help raise the profile of ICT and computing even more.

The new digital leaders have now been selected and are already hard at work setting up, testing and experimenting with the new Lego WeDo sets ready for next year.

Well done to everyone who applied and well done to all of those involved in the interview process.

Sports Day

On Tuesday we had a very enjoyable Sports Day with KS1 and Reception in the morning and KS2 in the afternoon.

Have a look at the photos below.

Year 4 Trip to Cliffe Castle

Report written by Rueban Y4

On Thursday 21st April, Ash Class set off to Cliffe Castle. It took us 30 minutes.On the way there we sang to the songs on the radio. When we arrived at Cliffe Castle we made our way to the classroom completed 3 different activities. One of the activities was fossil hunting in a pit of dirt.In the next activity we sorted rocks into igneous,metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. One of the rocks was called mudstone, another slate and another marble. The last activity was sorting products with the right stone. Did you know that marble is used in toothpaste? I know it sounds disgusting but it still keeps your teeth clean doesn’t it?! After we learnt about rocks, we went to look around the rock gallery. As we walked around the gallery we sketched a picture of a rock. My favourite was the rose quartz. On the sheet we completed, there were four lines where we answered questions about our rocks. In our groups we looked around the museum. We could hear birds tweeting and had the chance to look at different types of stuffed animals from around the world. As it was a beautiful day Miss Edgar let us have a quick play in the park. At the park we made a train on the slide and had fun on the roundabout. The trip back was quiet as we were all super tired! We had an amazing time at Cliffe Castle! We hope to go back again!

Rueban Y4