KS1 visit Poppies from the Tower of London

Report written by Miss Baxendale.
Last week the children in Key Stage One went to see the Tower of London Poppies at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Both the children and adults were very moved by the art instillation. Whilst observing the display, the children thought about what each poppy represented and talked about any feelings they were experiencing.
During Willow’s visit, they met a lady who was 102 years old. She spoke about her experiences of the war and was very complimentary of the behaviour of our children whilst they listened carefully to her.
Year 2 spent time sketching the poppies and wrote words around their drawings to describe how they were feeling. The children were very respectful and clearly have a very good understanding of the importance of remembering and paying respect to those who fought for their country.
During the afternoon each class went on a long walk around the extensive grounds of the Sculpture Park, searching for wildlife and talking about how the woodland comes to life at night. This was a wonderful trip and the children certainly gained a lot from it!

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Reception get building!

We built a den and the children chose waterproof material for the roof as it was raining. It kept us nice and dry!

We built a pirate ship using crates, materials, wooden blocks and large reels. The children picked different material to represent seaweed and water. We used large reels that were the port holes in the ship and we even had a plank!

Pirate ship Waterproof den

Reception visit the zoo!

Last week Reception & Nursery had a wonderful time at Yorkshire Wildlife Park! We saw lots of interesting animals and managed to get really close to some. Thankfully the sun shone on both days and encouraged all the animals to be out sunbathing. This is definitely one of our most favourite trips- well worth a visit in the school holidays!

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

When we arrived at Y.S.P we were introduced to Natalie in a huge room. We talked about what it is like in the park. First we saw a white tree which was made of iron. The second sculpture we saw was a very interesting house for birds called ‘Fly Away Home’. A few minutes later we saw an octopus sculpture which was very sparkly and was covered in crystals. After that we visited the totem pole which had a whole story behind it about a tribe who had been starving for a long time. But then one day the Thunderbird God came and killed the whale that ate all the fish. A while after we saw a robot and we thought it was dancing and we also thought it was a cat. After lunch we went to the field which was called St. John’s Sculpture Park. Then it was time to make a sculpture. In Poplar, we made animals doing different things, such as a juggling giraffe, an elephant on a unicycle, a pouncing octopus and a spider walking along a tightrope. In Rowan, we made sculptures of animals, but had to adapt them so that they had another function. For example, one group made a cat which was called Water Works that sprayed water. We used blue tubes that were used as water spraying out of its mouth. We used a tyre as a bowl and we used any blue thing as water. As Rowan were coming home there was a fire on the motorway, so we got very delayed. Poplar had a normal journey home. Thank you for reading our report.

By Tyler and Ellis

Year 4 Design Technology

As part of their Design Technology topic, Year 4 made wind-up cars. The children were given a design brief, which asked them to design and make a toy car that had a wind-up mechanism and could travel at least 1 metre in distance. Although the distance was a little ambitious, all children managed to include a wind-up mechanism and they worked in their teams to measure, saw and glue their wood to make their frames. Well done Year 4!