Bradford city penalty shoot out for charity!


Yesterday,the whole school had a penalty shoot out outside of the dining room. The penalty shootout was lead by Bradford City F.C and we managed to raise lots of money for charity and school.People who tried to raise money got to take four penalty’s against the chicken Billy Bantam from Bradford city and people who didn’t raise any money still got a chance to take a penalty at the end of the shootout. At the end of the shoot out of course no-one wanted to be left out so the teachers had a shot at Billy Bantam too! if you are wondering if you raise at least £3 you will get a medal and if you raise £20 or over you will get your a self a Bradford city football and maybe a medal! But the best… if you raise the most money out of the whole shootout you will get a unique Bradford City F.C football signed by Bradford city footballers!thnk you for putting in the effort to raise money and we are very grateful for your conturbiton to our fund today. The charity’s and our school are very delighted with all the money raised today and soon we may edit this post to tell you the grand total of money raised yesterday! We are all looking forward till we get our prizes.


And Thank you for reading this report

From Reporter Charlie and his assistant Katie.

Reception go APE!

Last week Lucia from Scrap Magic brought a huge range of recycled materials for Reception to use imaginatively.

Working in the Pod, the children had the chance to create whatever they wanted. They could work in pairs, small groups or individually and came up with some very creative ideas.

The children really did have an ‘APE’ (adventurous play experience) afternoon!

Reception PE

​Reception started their PE lessons just after Christmas and are working super hard so far. This half term we have been doing gymnastics.

The children are enjoying taking risks, trying new things and improving on what they could do the week before!

Take a look at the pictures to see our gymnastics fun…

Reception visit Stockeld Park

Reception had another very exciting trip this week! This time we visited the Enchanted Forest at Stockeld Park.

The weather was beautiful and we had a wonderful time exploring the forest to search for characters from some of our favourite stories.

In the words of Ollie in Acorn, “It was just such a great day!”

Reception visit Nell Bank

Last week, Acorn and Catkin had a very exciting trip to Nell Bank. They explored the deep, dark wood in the hope of finding a Gruffalo!

On their journey, they met other characters from the story and learnt lots of interesting facts about owls, snakes, foxes and mice. The children also took part in other outdoor activities including hunting for minibeasts, pond dipping and collecting lots of natural things to make a Gruffalo crumble.

Everybody had a great time and would like to thank everybody at Nell Bank for such an enjoyable day.

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