Digital Leaders – 3D Printing

Some of our year 5 and 6 digital leaders have been very excited this week when we took delivery of the new 3D printer. The children worked together (reading the manual carefully!) to set up the printer and have been experimenting with the different settings and options ever since.

What has been especially impressive is their determination to solve problems when things did not work first time or something was unclear. Working as a team they were able to get the printer up and running pretty quickly. They are now starting to explore the software that comes with the printer and will be ready to design their own 3D products in no time!

Photo 14-07-2016 13 10 45 Photo 14-07-2016 13 10 22 Photo 14-07-2016 13 09 21

Digital leaders are exploring the possible use of the 3D printer for year 5 and 6 lessons. This year 3D printing and 3D modelling was used in history (Egyptians).

Year 5 make Lunar Rovers

Following our science topic, Earth and Space, children in year 5 were set a design technology challenge to design and make their own moving Lunar Rover. Once they had drawn their designs they used different resources to construct their Rovers. Children had very little input from Miss Shaw and Miss Goldthorp and they all showed excellent resilience and collaboration throughout the process.

Year 3 Textiles

Over the past three weeks, Year 3 children have been creating Picasso inspired faces using felt. We started by looking at an array of portraits painted by Picasso and identifying the main features within his work. We recapped how to do running stitch and then learnt how to do cross stitch, blanket stitch and how to attach buttons onto felt.

Once we had designed our abstract faces we then made paper templates which allowed us to cut out our felt pieces accurately. When we were halfway through our project; we stopped to reflect on our work and see if there were any areas we could improve upon. It was a great opportunity to see all the exciting designs coming together!

Our colourful pieces of artwork look fantastic and we are excited that they will be displayed in the KS2 shared area- Picasso would be impressed!

Miss Gledhill

Y4 Christmas Craft Competition

Report written by Miss Sales

Here are some photographs of our ‘Christmas Craft Competition’ entries in Year 4.

Gabriel, Patrick, Leon and Charlie have also written a short piece about the competition.

Gabriel’s report

Leon & Charlie’s report

Patrick’s report

The children made some creative tree toppers and each entry received a certificate. The most spectacular creations also received a chocolate prize:

Leon – 1st place

Patrick – 2nd place

Charlie – 3rd place

Year 4 – Viking family day

Report written by Daniel and Brooke

Viking family day – home challenge

On our family day we had a visitor with us. She was called Sam. First we had our parents to come find us. Then we had to sit at a table with our parents or with our teacher, Miss Sales or Miss Edgar. Sam shared with us her weaving wheel and she let us have a go.

She showed us a pattern that she had drawn. We had to get a weaving board and then a plastic needle. The children needed to go get two different colours of wool. Sam started off by showing us how to begin.

First we started by going up and down round the corners of the board. Secondly, we used our second piece of wool and we went under the bottom piece of wool and then over. Then we needed to get a pattern if you wanted or do a Viking alphabet and make your own name.

Miss Edgar and Miss Sales gave us a home challenge. There were two challenges the first one was a 60 question quiz. The second one was to make your own Viking boat. It was really hard to choose a winner but they finally found one. 1st place was Ella; Ellis and Leon were awarded runner up. The winner of the Quiz was Rueban. We had a very exciting day and it was also fun to complete passport tests alongside our parents!