Spud-a-like Entries 2014

Wow! So many excellent Spud-a-like entries. Here are the entries that have been shown in assembly so far. The deadline is Monday 10th, 12 noon if you have an entry still to send in!

E-mail entries to spudalike@stjohnsceprimary.co.uk

Year 3 and 4 Bollywood Day

On Thursday 30th January, years 3 and 4 took part in a whole day of Bollywood! There were a number of activities including; food tasting, Bollywood dancing, henna art and a research session about India. The children will be using the information they have learnt to inspire them in their literacy work over the next few weeks. Both year groups will be writing their own information texts all about India.

The day was also used as an introduction to the hobbies and interests badge which the children are able to earn over the rest of the school year. To earn this badge the children have to put their hobby or interest into a shoe box and then present their box to the rest of their year group and some of the school govenors. Miss Lang presented her interest in a box when she told both year groups about her love of camping and off road racing! A letter will be sent home to advise of the dates when children need to prepare their boxes and presentations for.



Year 5 and 6 CSI day

On Monday 29th April Year five and Year 6 went down to the hall in groups of 8-9 with two lades called Jackie and Asha.

We learnt all about how to catch a suspect, first Jackie showed us how to find and record somebodies hand print on a sheet of paper with sweat and magnetic powder. We put are hands on the paper and pressed down then lifted are hands up,  we then got the wand /magnet and brush some magnetic powder on the paper and it showed our hand print.

Next we did the finger prints, we did the same thing as the hand print. Did you know that you have these shapes in your hand; arch, worhl and tentend arch. Next we did the hair and clothes. I pulled a hair out and put it on the crystal tab. When you zoom in it looks like a worm!

The day was really interesting and very exciting. We really enjoying dressing in the white lab coats!

Reporter Morgan and Jamie

Dr Who – Character Description Year 2

In year 2, children are writing about some of their favorite characters as part of their literacy lessons. Have a read of this character description about Dr Who.

When  Dr who gleamed out of his Tardis window he saw an alien. He is sick of aliens trying to get in his Tardis. So he shot them all. He sprung into space. One of them held to a spring and used up all of his force so he couldn’t get away. He pulled with all his strength onto the ground although he set his bomb off and all of them said “oh no aaaaaarghhhh!”


By Reporter Kendle