Poetry Competition

Think of a poem

Thursday 2nd October is National Poetry Day! To celebrate, St John’s CE Primary School has launched a poetry writing competition. The theme this year is…

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You could write a poem about an event e.g. Bonfire Night, the Great Fire of London, the Olympics or one of the World Wars. It could be about a person such as the Queen, William Shakespeare or even a family member or friend! You could choose to write about a special memory for you such as a birthday, a holiday or a special pet. Your poem can be about absolutely anything as long as it fits under the theme ‘Remember’.

You can choose any style of poem e.g. an acrostic, a haiku or even a shape poem. Think carefully about your presentation, as well as the words, as this could gain you extra marks with the guest judge!

The closing date for the competition is Wednesday 1st October. All entries should be handed to class teachers along with your name and class written on it. Prizes will be awarded in an extra special assembly on National Poetry Day!

I can’t wait to hear your fabulous poems!





Year 3 and 4 Camping Days

On Wednesday 11th June and Thursday 12th June 2014, Years 3 and 4 took part in two separate Camping days. They took part in a number of activities, including; pitching tents, toasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate, listening to stories around the ‘campfire’, a scavenger hunt and rounders.

The children will be using the information that they have learnt to inspire them in their Literacy work over the next few weeks. Year 3 and Year 4 will be writing persuasive texts about British camping holidays. The camping days were also used to encourage children to try and earn their hobbies and interests badge. There is one more opportunity for them to do this during this school year.

Fortunately, the weather was very kind to us and both children and staff had a very enjoyable couple of days.

Photographs from the Camping days.

NEW Reading Group – Apply Now!


The CILIP Carnegie Medal is awarded annually to the writer of an outstanding book for children.

Each year CILIP invites reading groups in libraries, school, homes and in fact anywhere there are children, young people and books to register for the shadowing scheme. The shadowing scheme encourages young people to read, enjoy and interact with the books shortlisted for the award.

This year St John’s has decided to set up and register our very own shadowing group. Once chosen, the small group will meet on a fortnightly basis to discuss and review the books from the shortlist. There will also be an opportunity for ‘shadowers’ to share their reviews with other children at St John’s and on our very own website.

If you have a passion for reading, would delight in the opportunity to read a fantastic selection of books and talk about them within a group of KS2 children then please complete and return your application form to Miss Lang by Friday 21st March.

Click the following link to download the application form – Reading Club Application Form


Animals of Farthing wood fact websites.

Year 2 have been learning about all the different animals which live in a woodland habitat. They have been using these websites to help them research about them.


Land Mammals | Wild England – an A-Z compendium of England’s Native Wildlife
We have twenty-four native land mammal species living in England today. We used to have more, but some mammals like the wolf, lynx, buffalo and wildcat have become extinct in this country. The natural environment of this country is actually well-suited
Read more…


Wildwood Trust
Experience close encounters with native wildlife in beautiful ancient forest, between the historic city of Canterbury and the pretty coastal town of Herne Bay.
Read more…


Animal Facts :: Young People’s Trust for the Environment
UK charity encouraging young people’s understanding of the environment. Competitions, fact sheets and projects for teachers and kids.
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Year 3 – 200 Word Story Competition

As part of World Book Day last Thursday, year were asked to write a 200 word story. They were give three objects which had to appear in their stories. The objects were: a banana, silver coins and a piece of paper with an X in the middle.

The teachers thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the children’s stories. It was a very difficult decision but in the end there could only be one winner. Mr Burton had the deciding vote and he chose the following story written by Kane in Poplar….

There was a banana that was alive! He had silver coins and he bought a shovel. He looked around the world because he had heard about a treasure hunt. He looked in Mexico and it wasn’t there. He searched in Africa, not there either. He was still confident to find the X. The next day he was hungry there was no food in Africa so he ate a bit of himself. Then he finally found the treasure and within seconds a man came. He was big, very big and he congratulated the banana and gave him a medal signed greatest treasure hunter in the world. He also gave him an alive banana girlfriend they both walked away. The banana and his girlfriend together looked inside the treasure box and they saw a banana puppy and lots of…. silver coins! On the other side there were golden coins and at the bottom was a jewellery box full of jewellery. They were rich. In Africa he had to make his bed and he fell straight to sleep and he dreamed of bananas!