Year Ones getting their pen licence!

Two children in Year One have made history this week! Wiktor (from Willow) and Grace (from Elm) have both received their pen licence after working tirelessly to make sure their cursive writing was perfect. Mr Knight inspected lots of pieces of writing and he thought they both had worthy handwriting!

Grace said “This is the absolute best day of my life!”

Let’s see who is next!

Year 5 are authors!

Report written by Holly, Sienna, Alesha and Callum

Welcome to our report. We hope you enjoy your time with us. We read to year two this morning, sharing the true story of the three little pigs. The year two children listened really well and it was a pleasure for us to read with them. We hope we read with them again.

About Our Story

The Three Little Pigs is a story based on a fairy tale about a wolf and three little pigs. In the story of the Three Little Pigs there is a wolf that blows their houses and they get burnt. But, in our version, there is a twist. The story is about a wolf and the three little pigs but in our version the wolf is innocent. He didn’t blow the house up but sneezed an almighty sneeze. And he doesn’t die but gets locked up by the cops because he was caught trying to break into the brick house. Without hesitation, he was locked up.

Year Two’s Reaction

One of the Year Two boys said that he really likes our true story. The year 2 children liked the part when the pig said, “Go away I am brushing the hairs off my chinny chin chin.”

Year 4 – Descriptive Writing

In Literacy, Year 4 are enjoying reading ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, by Michael Morpurgo.

In the story, the main character, Michael, writes in his log that his family got caught in a storm. Year 4 didn’t think that the storm was described very well and decided to write a description themselves! They have used adjectives, adverbs, similes and personification to create some fantastic pieces!

Here is a sample of some of the very imaginative descriptions that they have produced:

‘Waves smashed into the terrified metal yacht and the boat went up like a giant flame. Thunder and waves invaded the top deck and danced in the Captain’s cabin. As quick as a flash, the wind whipped the helpless boat relentlessly. Again, the menacing winds blew like a huge tornado, ripping the boat apart. With no mercy, lots of enormous forks of lightning crashed into the side of the ship.’ – James, Hawthorn.

‘Meanwhile, down in the sea, crates of bricks and fish fell helplessly into furious whirlpools like a piece of paper being shredded. Waves furiously scooped up the wrecked boat like a body builder at the gym lifts weights in anger. Suddenly, waves of material came riding up the fearless waves trying to save the old wreck that they used to be part of. As the storm went on, the waves began to dive back into a whirlpool, causing the helpless boat to lose balance and control.’ – Charlie, Hawthorn.

‘The first sign of the storm was the low rumble that I heard in the distance. The thunder rumbled like a moaning stomach. Waves started to push the boat from side to side. The lightning lit up the sky like a light bulb switching on. I started to get scared. The waves picked up the boat and dropped it back into the sea. I clung on tightly.’ – Sienna, Hawthorn.

‘The start of the storm went with a spine chillingly cold breeze of wind. Then it started more and within moments, the storm wind was strong enough to pick a person up and shoot them down into the depth of the water at the speed of sound. Talking about sound, my eardrums shattered at the screeches and cries of the wind.’ – Sam, Ash.

‘Across the ocean and in the sky, there were forks of lightning everywhere. The bellowing noises of thunder made the boat shake with fear. I jumped with fear. Stella barked with terror. I ran around the boat, quickly searching for somewhere to hide. Terrifyingly, I begged the storm to stop. My heart raced furiously. The storm never stopped.’ – Ellie-Mai, Ash.

Christmas Story Competition Winners

The last day of Autumn 2 was certainly a very busy one! As well as a visit from Santa, a magic show and lots of party food we had our annual ‘Carols Around the Tree’ assembly. What better time to announce the winners of the Christmas story writing competition than during the service!

Miss Lang was very impressed with entries from across the school and thoroughly enjoyed reading them all. It was an incredibly hard task to pick the winners but here they are….

Key Stage 1 – Zain (Willow)

On a snowy Christmas eve I woke up because I heard a bang. I got out of bed and climbed onto the roof. I was so upset to see Santa’s sleigh crashed. I went to help Santa and he told me the reindeer were hungry and couldn’t fly the sleigh. I went to the shop and bought some carrots. Then I gave the carrots to the reindeer. Then the reindeer could fly. Santa said “Thank you, please don’t tell anyone about this secret. You have saved Christmas!” Santa gave me a special present for saving Christmas.


Lower Key Stage 2 – Patrick (Rowan)

As Santa walked into the workshop of the elves, he noticed the elves were acting suspiciously. Santa said, in his booming voice “What are you up to you sneaky little elves?” From under a table, an elf with a good badge with the words ‘Area Chief’ upon it. Santa recognised the elf as Gilbert. Santa questioned Gilbert “What is going on here Mr Gilbert? What is all this sneaking around?” He could hear the other elves muttering amongst themselves/ Gilbert adjusted his hat nervously and started to stutter “It’s… a Christmas secret for you!” A grateful smile slowly appeared on Santa’s face.


Upper Key Stage 2 – Billie-Jean (Maple)

“Shhh, you’ll get us caught,” said the small mince pie to the big one. They were trying to get into the crisp drawer to be safe. Father Christmas knew they were moving but Nathan would eat them if he knew. On the roof above, the mince pies could hear Rudolph and the other reindeers’ feet clattering on the stone. Then it all went dark. Santa came down the chimney and into the kitchen. Are the carrots for the reindeers? he thought. Yes. He looked around for his pies. Where were they? “Mmmmm,” he loudly spoke, “that Nathan!”


The Overall Winner was…….. Michael (Elm)

Little Penguin met Santa on an icy day. Little Penguin slid on his tummy on the slippy ice. He crashed into Santa and they slid into an iceberg. “Sorry,” said Little Penguin. Santa told him a secret. Little Penguin was shivering so Santa took him to his workshop to warm up. It was great. Little Penguin helped Santa and Santa was proud of him for getting ready for Christmas. Little Penguin forgot the secret. Little Penguin was tired. Santa said “Remember I will give you a warm igloo for all your help!”

The winners were presented with a special Christmas gift for all their hard work! Well done to all those children who entered the story writing competition.



Year 3 Visit Pizza Express

In year 3 we have been learning about the different food groups in science, in design technology we are designing healthy pizzas and in literacy we are writing instructions.

Our school trip

When we got to school we did the register and sorted which minibuses we went on. Then the buses set off to Pizza Express. Then we washed our hands and started to make our Margarita  pizza. The ingredients are:

  • Flour
  • Dough
  • passata
  • mozzarella
  • black peppers
  •  oregano

IMG_0106 IMG_0112 IMG_0132

The chef showed us how to stretch out the dough using flour and then place it in baking tin. We then spread on the passata and sprinkled on the cheese. We added flavour to our pizza by using oregano and black pepper.





While we washed are hands again the chef cooked our pizzas. Once they were finished we went back to school and ate our pizzas.



Report written by Callum, Leon and Logan